Episode 8: M. Night Shyamalan and Split

After a long delay, the Basement Dwellers are back!  This time Rich and David dig into one of Hollywood’s greatest conundrums: M. Night Shyamalan.   From potentially one of Cinema’s best new directors to a decade of a just terrible trash, the Basement Dwellers go over every one of his movies starting with the instant classic […]

Episode 5: Is Westworld Good?

This week, Rich and David argue the age old (two weeks) question of whether HBO’s latest home run is actually a good show. They dive into the first 9 episodes as a whole and the deeply divisive finale.  Rich spends the majority of the episode telling David he wouldn’t know a good television show if […]

Episode 4: Doctor Strange

  Step down into the basement for a discussion of Marvel’s most recent hit: Doctor Strange.  Liked the movie but find yourself curious about the comic book origins of the Eye of Agamotto or the backstory of the Cloak of Levitation’s tailor? No? Too bad! For those answers, a breakdown of the film, and of course, […]

Episode 3: The Alien Franchise

In this week’s special Halloween theme David and Rich delve into the ever-expanding universe of the Alien Franchise, starting with Ridley Scott’s 1979 classic to his 2012″definitely-not-an-alien-prequel” Prometheus.  Before dressing up this year, sit down with the basement dwellers to praise how great the first two Alien movies are and weep with them at how […]

Episode 2: Fant-4-Stic

  Rich and David discuss Fox’s box office and critical failure, Josh Trank’s 2016 reboot of the Fantastic 4 and pitch their own versions.  Is a good movie of Marvel’s first family never to be?  Why did Fox have to make a reboot or risk losing their property rights to the Fantastic Four? Why is […]